Cast Iron Dosa Tawa


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Name: Cast Iron Dosa Tawa
Material: Cast Iron
Surface Coating: Non-Stick
Product Breadth: ______________
Product Height: ————-_
Product Length: ———-
Colour: black
It is time to go back to our traditional cooking and have a healthy lifestyle!
Make sure that you are not only having the right food but also cooking in the right utensils. Now at Mallu shoppers we are having a wonderful offer on cast iron dosa tawa, which is 100% natural and free from chemical coating &
synthetic. It would look old-fashioned but it is surely a great addition in thekitchen set.
It adds a strong authentic Indian flavour to the food. It is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil and regular seasoning, using one-two drops of vegetable oil is essential as it will help in creating a chemical free natural non-stick surface for low oil cooking. It is suited for dosa, uttapam, chapathi, pathiri, paratha, omlette, roti etc. Iron metal undergoes oxidation when exposed to air and moisture while
cast iron is not oxidized by moisture which prevents it from rusting.Cooking with cast iron tawa will enrich your food with iron as a little bit ofmineral iron does get transferred over to the food during cooking.

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1 in stock

How to maintain
Clean the cast iron dosa tawa thoroughly after each use with warm water  Dry completely to prevent water spots. Coat cast iron tawa with a tiny amount of vegetable oil before storage.
Store in a dry place
Check out and order today from Mallu shoppers, and enjoy the South Indian delight, thin and crispy dosas. These top-rated, budget friendly cast iron dosa tawa will surely serve you for years to come.
Now our customers can shop and buy cash iron dosa tawa from Mallu shoppers,a trustworthy and reliable online Kerala store. We take pride in providing highquality, best service to our customers at all times.Add product to the cart and order online at your convenience with just a click!

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