Authentic Banana Cut Chips 200g


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Pack size: As per customer requiremt
Package type: Packet
Speciality: No Artificial colours
Ingredients: Raw bananas, Water, Salt, Oil for deep frying
The crazy hunt for tasty and mouth-watering banana chips never ends, and we always search for the taste of natural and pure banana chips. Kerala is the originator of Banana chips as Nendrapazham (Plantain banana) and coconut oil, are abundantly and easily available. Chips made of unripe bananas are salty with a mild sweetness. Coconut oil also gives it a strong and authentic taste which
mingles well with the flavor of banana, made using traditional cooking techniques. So, if you want to enjoy the Kerala-style banana chips, make sure that you are purchasing from the right store.


3 in stock

Buy online from our online Kerala store premium quality traditionally made and authentic banana chips. We believe in providing the best-in-class products to our customers at all times. Kerala-style authentic banana chips are made with pure coconut oil and are available in customized packaging and size as per the customer-specific requirement. We assure you that the chips prepared are pure and unadulterated. The products are hygienically packed, secure, safe and cost-efficient.
While purchasing the banana chips, consider the following:
1. Flavour
2. The Oil used
3. Banana type
4. The crisp
If you want authentic banana chips, you can shop from Mallu shoppers, a trustworthy and reliable online Kerala store with authentic, traditional and premium quality banana chips that are absolutely tasty, crunchy and satisfying. We believe in providing top-rated, best service to our customers at all times.
The taste of regular banana chips tastes different from the authentic Kerala banana chips made using pure coconut oil. It is challenging to get an authentic flavour unless you visit Kerala but now you can order online the best banana chips from Mallu shoppers.
Read the label properly before use. The product ingredients mentioned above may contain additional ingredients. The product ingredients we mentioned are for information purposes only.
Add special traditional authentic banana chips to your shopping cart and orderfrom our online store at your convenience with just a click!
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